Jacek Piątek – dance instructor

piatek-jacek_1 Jacek Piątek

A certified dance instructor, choreographer and outstanding dancer. Member of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Jantar” since 1983, initially as a dancer, in 1988-1999 as its director. Currently, a dancer, member of the Ensemble Board and dance instructor of the beginners’ group.

On the 35th anniversary of the group’s establishment in 2005, he was awarded the Medal of the University of Gdańsk accompanied by a congratulatory letter by His Magnificence Rector of the University of Gdańsk, Professor Andrzej Ceynowa, for his outstanding achievements as a member of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Jantar” in the development of student culture and cultivation of folk dance traditions. He was presented this award also for the 2nd place taken in the international “Harmonie Festival” in Lindenholzhausen, Germany.

In 2000-2008, he also cooperated with the Song and Dance Ensemble of Pruszcz Gdański Community “Jagódki”.

He received an instructor’s certificate after completing the Qualification Course for Dance Instructors specializing in folk dance run by the National Centre of Culture and Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts in Warsaw.

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