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The Song and Dance Ensemble „Jantar”, which functions under the auspices of the Gdańsk University, was created in 1970. The members of the ensemble are the students and graduates of the Gdańsk University and other higher schools such as: the Technical University of Gdańsk, the Medical University and the Academy of Music. They all share fondness of the Polish folklore, especially of the folk songs and dances – the heritage of Polish culture.

At the moment the ensemble consists of a dance group, a vocal group and a folk band. The dances and songs performed by the group come from various regions of Poland. Jantar’s rich repertoire contains dances from: Kaszuby, Lublin, Kraków, Łowicz, Spisz and Rzeszów regions. The typical Polish dances like polonaise, oberek, krakowiak, mazur, kujawiak or koseder are accompanied by authentic folk texts, depending on the dance and its origin.
The folk character of the dances is brought out by the original costumes which picture the folklore of various parts of the country. Beautiful, fabulously colourful and glittering costumes are a great evidence of the past times. The ensemble performs not only regional dances. In its repertoire there are also choreographical interpretations of Polish national dances, such as polonaise and mazur which are very noble and full of dignity and are performed in beautiful, traditional costumes of Polish nobles from historical times.

Every year At Christmas time “Jantar” presents concerts of Polish Christmas carols, full or warmth and charm.

Jantar is known in Poland as well as abroad. It has already been on several tours in Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, The Nederlands, Norwey, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

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