The Song and Dance Ensemble JANTAR in an ad spot for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London

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Members of The Song and Dance Ensemble JANTAR took part in an advertising spot which will be presenting Poland on the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

The makers intended to show Poland as a country with traditions, thus the idea to feature “JANTAR” in
this ad spot. “JANTAR’s” feature is only a few seconds long, but it is a part of a much longer spot,
which main message is the word “BELIEVE”. It represents the whole sphere, which mind cannot fully
comprehend, but which exists in the collective consciousness of a Pole – patriotism, religiousness,
respect for tradition and faith in romantic ideals. We will still have to wait for the premiere of the
spot, but the participants say it’s worth the wait. Apart from the members of The Song and Dance
Ensemble JANTAR, Marysia and Ignacy also took part – two members of the so called „JANTAR JUNIOR”, a
rhythmics classes for children. Both were as happy as a clam in front of the camera.(ST)

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