The first Gdansk ball – “DANCING ORGANS” – “rotating” Polish National Dances in the Baltic Philharmonic

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1st Gdansk ball – carnival concert and ball till dawn.
“Dancing Organs” is a concert focused on Polish National dances with accompany of jazz improvisation on organs and percussion. After the one-hour-concert in Concert Hall you are invited to foyer on the 1st floor for a glass of champagne and ball till dawn…

Date: 6th January 2007 (Saturday)
Time : 19.00 (7 p.m.)
Place : The Baltic Philharmonic
Address: Gdansk, ul. Ołowianka 1

Who will occur during the concert :
Tomasz Glanc – organs
Arkadiusz Skotnicki – percussion
The Song and Dance Ensemble of the University of Gdansk “Jantar” name of Zygmunt Kamiński
Krzysztof Dąbrowski – hosting

The programme of concert which opens the ball will contain extremely interesting and intriguing arrangements of Polish national dances. Eight couples will dance to accompany of band consists of incredibly rare instrument in the form of 8000 pipes with addition of rhythmic percussion. The organ player will be Tomasz Glanc – the artist who can improvise sophisticatedly on themes from krakowiak, kujawiak, oberek, mazurka or polonaise as well as themes from Latin dances.
After the one-hour-concert in Concert Hall you are invited to foyer on the 1st floor for a glass of champagne and ball till dawn…

The music background will fulfill “Standard Acoustic” band conducted by Wojciech Wiśniewski. We wish you pleasant and successful time.

Prices of tickets :
1st category – 50 PLN
2nd category – 40 PLN
3rd category – 30 PLN
4th category – 15 PLN

The Baltic Philharmonic has already launched a system of sale and reservation tickets directly via the Internet. Tickets to any concert can be bought and printed by any printer without the necessity to come to the Philharmonic. To use this modern and comfortable system please visit the Philharmonic page and go to the tickets section.

TOMASZ GLANC is a graduate from the Academy of Music in Gdansk. He had been taught by prof. Leon Bator (organs class) and prof. Grzegorz Rubin (conducting class). He was a participant in many mastercourses connected with organs, piano and conducting classes. He also leads masterworkshops of organs improvisation.
For many years Tomasz has been giving concerts over the Europe, Asia and America, not only as an organist, but also as a pianist and composer. He cooperates with many famous soloists and symphony and chamber orchestras.
He made many radio and TV records. He also recorded 18 CD’s. The permanent point of his every concert are improvisation in different styles from baroque through romantics to jazz and his own compositions.
On the international organ competition in Hannover “Jazz & Church Music” he was the one from 250 musicians from all over the world who went eliminations enthusiastically and was a finalist, which resulted in concert tours and recordings of many CDs.
In 2003, for 25th anniversary of the election of John Paul II, Tomasz Glanc composed and dedicated to Pope mass “Missa Jubilate” written to symphony orchestra, 6 voices choir and duo of soloists, which Pope, Primate of Poland and the chairman of the Conference of Bishops in Germany kard. K. Lehmann heard and expressed joy and sincere thanks.
In 2004 Tomasz Glanc released 3 organ notebooks with his compositions from the cycle “Dance Pipes”. This cycle contains “Polish National Dances” (kujawiak, krakowiak, oberek, mazurka, polonaise), “Latin Dances” (bossanova, samba, rumba, salsa, tango) and a book with arrangements of famous orchestral pieces for organs – e.g. 5th Symphony by L. van Beethoven or Blue Rhapsody by G. Gershwin. He also made a music for children’s musical “Prodigal Son” and for 2,5 h antiwar musical Good Morning Bagdad against war in Iraq, which had a premiere in 2006 in Germany.
He also composed over 150 vocal and instrumental pieces, a fantasy for the piano, organ pieces form the cycle “In Memoriam” and 1st Organ Symphony with orchestra.
Tomasz Glanc has been in Germany since 1987 where he is a headmaster of music school, a cantor, an organist and a director of summer music festival. He is also an organizer and performer of many charity concerts for affected children as well as initiator of “Kids in necessity” foundation.

The Song and Dance Ensemble “Jantar” name of Zygmunt Kamiński works at the University of Gdansk since 1970. It unites students and graduates from : the University of Gdansk, the Technical University of Gdansk, the Academy of Music in Gdansk, The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and The Medical Academy in Gdansk. Nowadays Jantar consists of dancers, singers and a band. The rich repertoire of Jantar includes dances from Lublin, Kaszuby, Kraków, Łowicz ande Rzeszów regions.
Polkas, obereks, krakowiaks, koseders and other distinctive Polish dances are interspersed with authentic folklore texts – depending on the performed dance and its origin. Folk dances character emphasizes not only the Slavic beauty of our girls, but also original costumes, illustrating the various parts of the country’s folklore. Beautiful, colorful and shiny costumes are a wonderful testimony to the past. Jantar displays not only regional dances. In its repertoire also has choreographies of national Polish dances e.g. mazurka and polonaise, which seriousness and dignity emphasize beautiful costumes of the period of the Duchy of Warsaw.
Jantar is known in Poland as well as abroad – we performed on festivals in Germany, Spain, France, Turkey, Denmark, England, Switzerland, Norway, Slovenia, where we received recognition and numerous awards. The major awards include prizes at festivals, e.g. in Cantonigros (Spain), Neuchatel (Switzerland), Gemenos (France), Middlesbrough (England), Istanbul (Turkey) and the last is Second Prize on XXIII International Festival of Choirs and Folklore in Londenholzhausen (Germany).
Since 2006’ the Jantar after receiving a positive assessment of the Artistic Committee joined the ranks of the Polish Section of CIOFF – International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art.
In 2005, the Jantar’s leads and members received Gdansk Medals from the hands of the Rector of the University of Gdansk. This highest honorary award for members of academic community was given to Jantar participants for outstanding achievements in developing students’ culture and cultivating the tradition of folk dance.
Foreign trips also allow Jantar members to meet with the folklore of other nations. The members emphasize that what unites them is not only a love for Polish folk music, dance and singing, but most of all the bonds of friendship that are formed during the trials, meetings and trips.
Now an ensemble lead: Marcin Wilczewski – manager; Milena Jurczyk – choreograph; Beata Makowska – music director; Barbara Biedrzycka – accompanist.

He graduated from the Academy of Music in Gdansk. He was a student in Tadeusz Deputat class. During studying, Arkadiusz started a job in the Polish Baltic Philharmonic. He also cooperates with an orchestra from the Music Theater in Gdynia name of Danuta Baduszkowa or the Coast Theater in Gdansk, where he make recordings if needed. His percussion and teaching abilities were improved during courses performed by such famous percussionists as: Ney Rosauro, Nebojsa Jovan Źivković, Christoph Caskel, Stanisław Skoczyński, Katarzyna Myćka. Arkadiusz is a percussion teacher in Music High School and Military Music High School in Gdansk and his pupils get prices in national competitions. He is also interested in light music. Nowadays he is an artistic musician who made marimba and vibraphone as his leading instruments. He is an initiator and member of percussion group MARIMBASONIX. He also works with GTP Percussion, for which he designs and tests batons to percussion instruments.



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