Concert of The Song and Dance Ensemble “Jantar” in the National Baltic Opera in Gdansk.

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“The folk style in the Opera” – Concert of The Song and Dance Ensemble “Jantar” in the National Baltic Opera in Gdansk.

The Song and Dance Ensemble “Jantar” invites you:

“The folk style in the Opera”

22nd April 2006
Begins: 18.00

The National Baltic Opera in Gdansk

Tickets are available in Opera ticket office.

“The folk style in the Opera” is a title of The Song and Dance Ensemble of the University of Gdansk “Jantar” performance, which will take place in the National Baltic Opera in Gdansk on Saturday, 22nd April 2006. During the concert audience will see the premiere of a dance scheme called “The history of the period of the Duchy of Warsaw”.

The programme:
Suite of Lublin, suite of Kaszuby region, national polish dance Oberek performed by Girls, suite of Łowicz, suite of Rzeszów, The history of the period of the Duchy of Warsaw (premiere!) and many songs from different regions of Poland.

IIntermedia: “CENICIENTA” Theater
Director: Marzena Nieczuja-Urbańska

“Jantar is the ensemble consisting of amateur dancers and singers. This is where its great strength lies dormant – artists perform, because they really want it, emanates from them the joy and the desire to provide to others particles of Polish culture. The concert is a chance for Tri-City audience to see folk dances without having to wait when “Mazowsze” (The National Song and Dance Ensemble) will come to Gdansk. “Jantar” will show dances from Lublin, Rzeszów and Łowicz regions and – most of all – our local Kaszuby region” – says Marcin Wilczewski, the manager of ZPiT UG Jantar.

The Song and Dance Ensemble “Jantar” name of Zygmunt Kamiński works at the University of Gdansk since 1970. It unites students and graduates from : the University of Gdansk, the Technical University of Gdansk, the Academy of Music in Gdansk, The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and The Medical Academy in Gdansk. Nowadays Jantar consists of dancers, singers and a band. The rich repertoire of Jantar includes dances from Lublin, Kaszuby, Kraków, Łowicz and Rzeszów regions.

Polkas, obereks, krakowiaks, koseders and other distinctive Polish dances are interspersed with authentic folklore texts – depending on the performed dance and its origin. Folk dances character emphasizes not only the Slavic beauty of our girls, but also original costumes, illustrating the various parts of the country’s folklore. Beautiful, colorful and shiny costumes are a wonderful testimony to the past.

Jantar displays not only regional dances. In its repertoire also has choreographies of national Polish dances e.g. mazurka and polonaise, which seriousness and dignity emphasize beautiful costumes of the period of the Duchy of Warsaw.

Every year in Christmas time we give concerts with Polish Christmas Carols and pastorals – atmospheric, full of charm and warmth of an old Polish folk character.

Jantar is known in Poland as well as abroad – we performed on festivals in Germany, Spain, France, Turkey, Denmark, England, Switzerland, Norway, Slovenia, where we received recognition and numerous awards. The major awards include prizes at festivals, e.g. in Cantonigros (Spain), Neuchatel (Switzerland), Gemenos (France), Middlesbrough (England), Istanbul (Turkey) and the last is Second Prize on XXIII International Festival of Choirs and Folklore in Londenholzhausen (Germany). Jantar also gained awards and prizes in the country, e.g. three times First Place on the Festival of Dance Talents whether on the Festival of the Folklore of North Poland and in 2005 – the Third Place on XI National Festival of Christmas Carols and Pastorals in Będzin.

As a Jantars’ success we can also include recordings : in 1997 – a cassette with Christmas Carols; in 2002 – a CD with songs from different regions of Poland and in 2003 – a CD with Christmas Carols and Pastorals.

In 2005, the Jantar’s leads and members received Gdansk Medals from the hands of the Rector of the University of Gdansk. This highest honorary award for members of academic community was given to Jantar participants for outstanding achievements in developing students’ culture and cultivating the tradition of folk dance.

Foreign trips also allow Jantar members to meet with the folklore of other nations. The members emphasize that what unites them is not only a love for Polish folk music, dance and singing, but most of all the bonds of friendship that are formed during the trials, meetings and trips.

Now an ensemble lead: Marcin Wilczewski – manager; Milena Jurczyk – choreograph; Beata Makowska – music director; Iwona Kierat-Łukasik – instructor of beginners group; Barbara Biedrzycka – accompanist.


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